Operation Christmas Child
First Southern Baptist Church collects offerings and items for Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse.
Operation Christmas Child delivers great joy and the Good News of Jesus Christ to children in need around the world through gift-filled shoeboxes. Each box packed full of quality toys, school supplies, and personal care items becomes a tangible expression of God’s immense love for the child. For many, it is their first gift ever! Delivered by our local church partners, shoebox gifts provide an opportunity to present the Gospel to boys and girls in a clear, child-friendly way.
First Southern Baptist Church is now collecting gift donations to send to children for this upcoming Christmas Season.  Our goal this year is to send 150 boxes out to children around the world.
If you feel called to serve in or donate gifts or money to Operation Christmas Child, please contact Dawna Alley in person or Email her (click on the blue link).
Candy; toothpaste; gum; used or damaged items; scary or war-related items such as toy guns, knives, or military figures; chocolate or food; seeds; fruit rolls or other fruit snacks; drink mixes (powdered or liquid); liquids or lotions; medications or vitamins; breakable items such as snow globes or glass containers; aerosol cans.